Testing Quality for the 1st Century.


eQual is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which can be tailored and personalised based on your laboratory needs and requirements.

Our dedicated and skilled team has over 17 years of experience providing professional and superior laboratory information management systems. Labpro 2000 services include hosting eQual applications and enhancement, maintenance and support services.

Our highest priority is providing you with an accurate, efficient and user-friendly system to maintain your laboratory’s high standards. Our hardworking team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional products and services.
We constantly aim to maintain and enhance eQual to meet industrial and international
standards of technology.

The eQual application can be installed and hosted on your intranet or can be hosted by our team and accessed over the internet.
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What is eQual?

It’s a QA solution for all kinds of testing — From the simplest testing to the most complex manufacturing sample registration and testing schemes.

What can eQual  be used for?

It has been used to test dairy products, wool, waste water treatment plants and the
License Fee
Unlimited $1,000,000
Per user $5,000
Annual Support and Maintenance
Annual Support and Maintenance 20% of the Total License Fee — Including upgrades
(CDS or downloadable).

Upgrades — Remote access for free, otherwise
$300 per hour plus travel costs.
Labpro 2000 to host eQual
$400 per month per user which covers support and maintenance
Up to $300 per hour— Fixed quote cost
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